Celebration of JCDA's Membership Reaching 20,000

   On October 16 2021, we held the Special Nationwide Conference in Cerebration of JCDA’s Membership Reaching 20,000. The sub slogan of this online Conference is “New Stories to be Weaved by 20,000 Members.” The conference attracted some 1,500 attendees.


    In the morning, the attendees listened to two presentations entitled “What we should aim for after gaining 20,000 members” by Mr. Ryoji Tatsuno, Chairperson of JCDA; and “Now, moving to a larger story from a small story” by Mr. Hideo Shimomura, Career Formation Support Department of the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, and the Relay Talk Session in which some of our members shared their stories. In the afternoon, the attendees enjoyed various programs including the presentations by our seven subcommittees, the “New Story” Workshop and a video presentation by Dr. Mark L. Savickas.


    One of the events of special note is that in the New Story Workshop, a main session of the conference, we had each participant make one’s CDA Declaration. We feel that, by making such declarations, the participants were able to reconstruct their identities as CDAs.


     According to the post-event survey results, more than 80% of the participants rated the event as “very satisfactory” or “satisfactory.” Despite some restrictions imposed by the online format, we believe that the event was able to provide our members with nice opportunities to interact with each other.